By Gregory McNamee,Luis Alberto Urrea

we have now continually enjoyed turtles, and we now have usually suspected
them of loving us. A international of Turtles, which gathers literary
sightings of turtles over repeatedly and plenty of cultures, celebrates the
long-standing position of those creatures within the human imagination.

All via our heritage we have now attributed enormously anthropomorphic
values to turtlesas this anthology will determine. clever, droll,
bright, cautious, accountable, severe, and intelligent spring to mind, yet also,
somehow, noble, steadfast, loving. Turtles are consistent symbols of
strength, persistence, persistence, and lengthy existence. but, for us, from
childhood via maturity, they're perpetual resources of enjoyment as

With writings from Aesop to Melville, and folklore from the Abenaki to
the Wagarra, A international of Turtles is an anthology of literary,
folkloric, and clinical choices approximately turtles and tortoises,
compiled from historic, smooth, and modern resources. It seems to be at
these loved creatures from each attainable human perspective,
revealing them (and us) of their many guises.

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